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Mass Texting Software

Unlike make a call, send text messages will never affected by noisy environment, and it is a good way to protect your privacy conversation contents while you're in a public place. So SMS is warmly welcomed by all kinds of crowd, especially among young person. However, sometimes you need to send a messages to several people, and no one will deny that it could be time-consuming if you decide to text them one by one. Hence, more and more people want to know another texting way which can greatly improve their efficiency. Then the idea of "mass texting" comes into our mind.

Of course, lots of smart phones allows their users to texting multiple people at one time, but it is still troublesome to type words in the touch-screen. So here we could like to show you how to send messages to as many people as you like on computer with the help of Coolmuster Android Assistant. This program works well as the best Mass Texting software in the market, which are not only allows you to send messages to multiple people on computer easily, but also enables users to backup or edit their contacts or SMS on PC without any limitation. And this tool requires no professional skills for all users. So please don't hesitate to click the below icon to have a free trial.

Steps to Group Texting from Computer to Cell Phones

Step 1. Launch the Program & Enable USB Debugging
To begin with, please be sure that your Android smart phones have been connected to the computer and then run the program. You can see there are a simple instruction on the interface, just follow them to open USB debugging and install USB driver on your mobile phone. After that, your phone will be successfully detected by the program.

Step 2. Send Messages
Files on your phone can be divided into different folders according to its types. To send messages to your friends, you only need to hit "Contacts" option and then click "Send" button to open the message sending dialogue. In the pop-up window, you can click "Contacts" to select and all phone numbers you want to send into the receiver box, then type the messages in the bottom box directly. When you have finished these steps, you can hit "Send SMS" to start sending these messages to the people that you have chosen.

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