Workable Way to Recover Android Text Messages

3 Steps to Get Back Deleted Text Messages from Android with Android Message Recovery

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Is It Easily to Restore Deleted SMS Messages from Android?

Data losing is not a novel issue at present, but not all people know how to get back the deleted or lost data. As it is known to all, text messages are always stored in the phone's internal flash card, so once you've found the message is deleted, then please stop write new data into your phone immediately, and then turn to a professional Android Message Recovery software. Thus, Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery comes here to meet your demands.

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Messages play a very important role in people's daily life who uses Android phones. It can help people easily communicate with each other, deliver vital information, store long and large amount of messages for a long time. However, due to lots of reasons, you may lose these vital messages by accident or unconsciously. Thus, more and more Android users use a tool called Android Message Recovery to help them get back the lost SMS conversation.

Here to make you understand how easy the program works, we write the below instructions to see the detailed steps of recovering deleted text messages from Android phones.

Tips to Recover Text Messages from Android Mobile Phones

Preparation Works:

Before we start the process, there is something you need to check:
1) Make sure your Android mobile phone is rooted;
2) Open USB debugging on your phone before connecting it to the computer. If you don't know how to set it, you can follow the below steps to reach your goal:
- For Android 2.3 or older, Go: "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging".
- For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging".
- For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"

When these preparation works have been done, you can follow the below steps to finish your recovery process.

Step 1. Launch the Program and Connect Your Phone to PC

Double-click the desktop icon to run the Android SMS Recovery software, and then connect your Samsung, Motorola, LG or HTC phones to the computer, then the program will automatically detect the device. If it is failed at first, you can click "Refresh" button to re-check your phone.

Step 2. Scan and Preview Messages before Recovery

When the device is successfully recognized by the program, it will start scanning for files automatically. Wait for a little while, you'll find messages and contacts have been divided into specific folder and list in the left panel. Preview the detailed text conversation and mark the one you want to restore.

Step 3. Preview Media Files in the Program

Turn on USB storage on your devices and re-scan it. After that, you can click "Android UMS Com..." in the left panel to expand the contents under the option just like below. Enter these folders and mark the file which you wish to restore one by one.

Step 3. Begin to Recover

After selecting all files you want to restore, you can hit "Recovery" button to save them on your computer.