Easy Way to Print Out Text Messages

Effortlessly Print SMS (Text Messages) from Android Phones with Android File Manager

Windows 8/7/XP/Vista

Is It Possible to Print Android Mobile Phones' Messages Out?

The answer is definitely YES. Printing out text messages from your Android phones could be an unusual way to save the conversations permanently and it can be used as a kind of memory very well. To achieve the goal, you need to get an Android Message Exporter software: Coolmuster Android Assistant (Win & Mac). With it, you can:

Supported OS:

We all know that smart phones is divided into several categories due to its running system: Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows system. And the Android and iOS-based smart phones have occupied the majority of the market share. So in the site of how-to-print-text-messages.com, we're mainly focus on these two kinds of mobile phones. Anyway, if you wish to know how to print text messages from Samsung devices specially, you can click the link to learn the specific topic as you like.

Print Text Messages by Taking Screenshot

Taking screenshot is suitable for both Android and iOS users. And it could be the most distictive way to print your messages out, but it is not the most time-saving method. It is undeniable that you can directly take a screen shot of what's on your screen and send the images to a wireless printer. However, if the conversation is very long, what will you do? Obviously, for long conversation, this method is not suitable and you'd better to find a professional SMS Message Exporter software as your assistant.

Steps to Print SMS Messages from Android Cell Phones on Computer

In this page, we will focus on the Android-based cell phones. If you need to print text messages from iPhone, just go to here to learn more.

Step 1. Run the SMS Exporter for Android and Connect Your Device to PC/Mac

Download and install the program on your Windows & Mac computer, then launch it. Connect your Android phones or devices into the program via USB cable. If the device is successful connected and detected, you'll see a interface just like the below on your Windows or Mac screen.

Step 2. Export Text Messages to Your Desktop Computer

In the main interface, you can click "One-click back up" to export the whole text messages of your Android phones to computer in a batch. But, if you only want to export specific messages, then you can press "SMS" option in the left panel and preview the detailed info in the right panel. Find out the messages you want to print and click “Import/Export” to save these text messages as .xml or .txt files on your computer.

Step 3. Print Out Android Text Messages

Open the .xml or .txt files and print them out via your local printer easily.